Accessible technology for assisted
living residents

Tablet computers have some unique advantages for older users. Because they operate largely on a simple touch interface, they are more intuitive than other kinds of technology. Here are a few tips to help make tablets even easier to use.

While security is generally a good thing, the security on tablets can be a barrier to use. Those with memory concerns may not remember passwords and codes. By limiting security or focusing on face recognition or fingerprints you can limit these issues.

Typing on a tablet can be difficult, but fortunately, most have bult in software that lets you speak, and the system types for you. You can also configure tablets to run programs, make phone calls, and watch TV using voice activation.

A tablet stand is a great accessory for those in assisted living. It is a weighted arm that holds the tablet at a fixed position. This means the user doesn't have to hold it up to use it, as you normally would. The flexible arm can be used to turn it to the desired angle. It not only keeps the device safer but makes it much easier to use.

Technology has many advantages and may be something for everyone to consider --no matter the age.

Whether your plans for this new year include high-tech or high touch, all of us at Powell Valley Living wish you and your family a joy filled 2021.

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