Residents Receive Second
COVID-19 Vaccination

Coronavirus shots are a critical step in protecting residents.

We have awaited this day for quite some time! We are happy to report that all residents have received their second COVID-19 vaccination. What does this mean for our residents? Well, it means that this is the first step to return to a normal community.

Over the past month, COVID-19 vaccines started trickling through the American population in phases targeting the country's most vulnerable populations. As part of the Oregon Health Authority's tiered approach, all residents and staff members of Powell Valley Living are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

According to state and national health officials, the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at protecting people from dangerous illnesses. Since none of the vaccines approved for use in our country use a live virus, the vaccine cannot infect someone with COVID-19.

Serious side effects of these vaccines are rare, and luckily we have not had any trouble. The vaccine's most common side effect has been a sore arm near the site where the vaccine was given. However, other mild side effects are typical, such as cold-like symptoms that can include a headache or mild fever that typically resolve within a day or two.

While residents and team members of Powell Valley should be excited by the vaccine, we must continue to take essential precautions. The wearing of masks and observing social distancing measures remain essential, even after receiving the second dose.

The bottom line is that we are excited that our residents and staff have been vaccinated and look forward to the future.

For more information about Oregon's COVID-19 response, please visit


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