Stay connect. Stay at ease.
Five tips for staying connected with loved ones during the pandemic.

The ongoing pandemic has certainly changed our lives over the past year. With so many visitor restrictions, it has created even more challenges for connecting with loved ones.

Despite the health precautions we must all take to maintain our health and prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are a few easy – and sometimes fun – ways to stay connected with loved ones.

Which of these ideas have you tried for yourself?

Pick up the phone – That is right! Many times, a good old-fashioned phone chat can make you feel so much better compared to texts or – even worse – nothing at all. With phone conversations, you can hear the voice of a loved one. Often, just hearing that voice can sooth your soul.

Video chat – A next improvement to phone conversations are video chats. Thanks to technology, you can hear and see your loved ones. Those meaningful conversations can be enhanced with visual cues. Imagine seeing your family in real-time.

Write a letter – Up late at night? Are your loved ones working during the day? Try writing them a letter to send via postal mail. Letter-writing is not only a great pastime, but the activity boasts many mental benefits from stress relief to memory care. If pen-to-paper is not your thing, an email will suffice.

Send a card – Greeting cards are always a pleasant surprise. Send a loved one a card for every occasion you can think of. From birthdays to holidays, or even just because, greeting cards are a pleasure to send and receive.

Social media – Yes. The magic of technology has certainly made connecting with friends and family easier than ever. Find out where your loved ones are on social media and create an account to connect with them to track their lives. It can also enhance topics to discuss on your next telephone or video chat!


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