Tricks for preserving memory

Fighting memory loss is challenging, but there are many proven ways to guard against memory loss and keep your mind sharp. The overall key is to keep using your brain. An active mind is far less likely to atrophy than a sedentary one. The more active and challenging the activity, the more value you can gain from it.

Games and puzzles are one of the best outlets for exercising the mind. They provide unique challenges that engage higher level thinking, memory, and perception. They also help us focus our minds on a single task and give us some reprieve from worries and concerns. The best games are those played with other people, but even solitary games offer a strong potential for keeping the mind strong.

Engage all your senses in memory. Music, touch, taste, aroma, and other sounds can all spark and build memory associations. By associating certain music or events together you can build a kind of memory web that is stronger than if it had only one thread. A conversation over hot-coco with a favorite song in the background is easier to remember than one in a quiet and plain environment.

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